USCC Prelims Prep Fest and Coffee Swap

Posted on August 31, 2018 Upcoming Events | | No comments

The US Coffee Championships are underway and the final chance to advance to the Qualifiers happens October 6-7 just outside of Los Angeles.

Prep Fest is designed to help those participating in the Prelims, whether they’re competing, judging or just thinking about it, be prepared for what to expect from the competition. In attendance will be judges from both competitions to speak about the rules and formats, as well as competitors to discuss practice tips and the dos and don’ts of competing.

Coffee Swap! We’re encouraging people to bring one or two pounds of specialty grade coffee to trade away. Not only will this allow competitors a chance to dial in an unfamiliar coffee, it’s a great way to try something new. Whether you’re competing or just want to drink something different, bring a tasty bag and leave with something else!

Join us for a casual night of discussion, socializing and probably a ping pong match or several.

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