Pre-Global Specialty Coffee Expo Mixer

Posted on April 4, 2017 Upcoming Events | | No comments

Global Specialty Coffee Expo is just around the corner (April 20-23, 2017)!

Rocky Mountain Craft Coffee Alliance (RMCCA) wants you to be fully ready for the great weekend to ensue as the executive council launches the first of many coffee industry events.

The Global Specialty Coffee Expo features hundreds of exhibitors and showcases the latest techniques, products and companies from the entire farm-to-cup spectrum in one location – Washington State Convention Center. In addition to the Exhibition Hall, there are lectures, workshops, classes, volunteering opportunities, and networking events to make it an educational trip that creates lasting results for your career.

First time at Expo? New to Seattle? Wondering where to stay? Looking for things to see? Trying to find the best coffee party?

If this sounds like you or have answers to these looming questions, please join our mixer! Banded Oak Brewing Co. has offered their space for all the coffee lovers to come and hang out in. Use this time to connect with everyone from the region going to be better prepared for the weekend. (business cards, schedules, etc.) RMCCA will also be accepting donations to help fund the website, membership benefits, and more collaborations to come.

See you all at the Brewery!