Membership Testimonials

We asked BGA Members on Facebook: What’s your top reason for joining the Guild?


The BGA provides a community that reaches so much further than the city you live in. Through the BGA I’ve become connected to some of the most amazing Baristas in Specialty Coffee.   In fact I met Alexandra the day before last years camp due to her amazing generosity and willingness to open a fellow BGA member into her home.   I’ll never forget it. BGA 4 life!

— Cole McBride. Visions Espresso,  May 31, 2013


The swag…and being on a first name basis with so many great pros I otherwise may never have met.

— Paul Yates, Pineland Bakery  May 31, 2013


Cheaper to compete and to attend barista camp which means I can get certified faster. Don’t forget the friends. Lots and lots of highly caffeinated friends.

— Laura Clark,  May 31, 2013


To try to cross pollinate ideas with other coffee professionals as well as inspiring one another’s as others have inspired me to become better at my craft.

— Josip Nikola Draženović ,  May 31, 2013


Community! Love the people I’ve met through involvement in the Guild. So many smart passionate folks to learn from.

— Laila Ghambari, Caffe Ladro,  May 31, 2013


Community, professional development, camp… Also the health insurance AND access to the SCAA resources library!

— Alexandra Littlejohn, Verve Coffee Roasters  May 31, 2013


The BGA has provided me the tools to be able to build a career off of something I am passionate about doing. Invaluable.

— Tim Cox,  May 31, 2013