Cafe Memberships

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What does it cost?

SCAA members and individuals who work for an SCAA member company can purchase the BGA membership for $55/per year. (That’s a $10 savings per membership!)

What’s the difference between a BGA & SCAA Membership?

SCAA Memberships are for member companies, and once a company becomes a member, all employees receive SCAA membership benefits. There are many benefits baristas can enjoy simply by working for a member company, including access to the members-only areas of the SCAA’s resources page, discounts on professional development coursework and in the SCAA store, and connection to specialty coffee’s network of coffee professionals.  The Barista Guild of America membership is an individual, non-transferrable membership, which is designed to support the individual growth of a professional barista. BGA members receive the best discounts on BGA Professional Development Coursework and Barista Competition programs. Companies with baristas benefit best from the SCAA’s benefits and content by providing both full SCAA member access and BGA membership to their barista staff.

Can I transfer the name of a BGA Membership?

Once purchased, Barista Guild memberships are non-transferrable. If you are the cafe owner or manager, please carefully consider who from your staff merits this employee benefit prior to making your purchase.

* If your company is not an SCAA member, you are not eligible for the discount. However, you can join the SCAA immediately before applying for a BGA café membership. For more information about SCAA membership, including pricing and an application, visit