Trips to Origin

originTraveling to coffee producing countries, often referred to as Origin among coffee professionals, can be a highly rewarding and informative experience for those in the industry who wish to expand their knowledge and understanding of issues pertaining to coffee production. Baristas are in a unique position in the coffee supply chain, charged with conveying the intricate and complex message of specialty coffee to the consumer. The Origin Trip experience can go a long way towards developing a more layered and nuanced comprehension of the factors contributing to producing every cup of specialty coffee, from seed to cup.

On a BGA Origin Trip, attendees will spend a week visiting farms, mills, as well as local cafes, and tasting lots of coffee along the way to get a good sense of the flavor profiles and characteristics of coffee from the particular region or micro climate. Participants will meet farmers and learn about their approach to coffee production, engage with exporters and traders who are responsible for ensuring proper storage and transport of the green coffee, as well as meeting with local baristas who will gladly share their experiences with their counterparts from around the globe.

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