Member Driven Events


The Barista Guild encourages members and their companies to hold events that support community building by encouraging communication, understanding, and respect between Baristas. The BGA is here to support our members in their efforts, and we have a program called Member Driven Events that provides assistance in promoting these types of community gatherings. If you’d like to hold a BGA Member Driven Event, review the prequalifications below, fill out the form and the BGA will be in touch with you soon.

Prequalifications to request to hold a BGA Member Driven Event:

Company must have at least one BGA member on staff to partner with the BGA Regional Chapter Rep on events and qualify for the use of the MDE logo. Yes, it is that easy!

Step 1: Member fills out the online request form. It’s ideal to submit your request a minimum of 1 month prior to your event date.

Step 2: The SCA membership team will confirm your BGA membership status, or if you’re not a member yet, will give you a call to help you get signed up (please assume a 48 hour window for reply). Staff will also collect information on the event, post the event to the BGA Event Calendar, share your event link on Facebook, post to twitter prior to and a reminder post day-of for the event.  Staff will also ship materials to your event, if requested on the form.

Step 3:  The SCA membership department will email your request to the BGA’s membership committee, who will then follow up with further support (please note, depending on your geography, it may be moral or digital support only!).

Step 4: BGA’s leadership will offer support, help with online promotions, and follow up with you post event.


● Themed, Peer Tasting and Reviews
● Roaster/Cafe Crawls
● Tastings and Pairings with other products
● Round Tables/Forums
● TNT Latte Art Competitions


Periodically, we’ll be promoting a new MDE series called Extract, which will each be based around a particular theme. Please encourage the use of the hashtag #ExtractMDE for all social media posts.

Each activity has a template for what you need to execute it and how to stage it, as well as some talking points for discussion afterwards.

If you’re really ambitious you can do multiple activities at your event, but each activity is designed to fit on average an hour and a half event.

You can access all templates in your member portal under My Digital Downloads.


BGA MDE logo available upon request.