Meet the Volunteers

Meet the Volunteers


Liz Dean

Barista-Musician Hybrid

“Anita Tam started her coffee journey in 2013, when she stumbled upon a barista training course in Portland, Oregon. Trained as a classical musician, she has realised the similarity between the two crafts. She enjoys sharing both her passion in coffee and music with the people around her. “

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Espresso and Milk Steaming Fundamentals

Matthew Scott

Matthew the Great

“Matthew has been a USCC barista competitor since 2012 and placed second in his region in 2015. He is an SCA Credentialed Lead Instructor and Espresso Subject Matter Expert. He is currently serving on the Barista Guild’s Executive Council as the Events Committee Chair and as the Barista Guild’s liaison to SCA’s Sustainability Council. “

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Station Instructing with Newer Baristas

Miguel Vicuna

Judge, Jury, and Examiner

“Miguel has been in the coffee industry for 15 years. He is the Lead Educator for Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters and is currently on the EC for the BGA, USBC Head Judge, WBC Sensory Judge, BGA Level 1+2, Examiner and Specialized Instructor. “

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Lead Instructor

Mike Strumpf

Director of Coffee

“Mike Strumpf is a Licensed Q Grader, SCA Instructor, SCA Competitions Committee Member, Cup Tasters Pathway Committee Member, and Head Judge for the World Barista Championship. A right handed native of California, Mike immerses himself in Canadian pop music and squash when not chasing after his three dogs. “

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: How can I choose?

Todd Goldsworthy

Coffee Guru

“US Brewers Cup Champion 2014 & 2016 “

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Station Instructor, I’m able to give more 1:1 attention to attendees, give more specific feedback, and really help people grow in that position.

Tyler Duncan

Assistant to the Director of Coffee

“Tyler leads the Barista Pathways at Topeca Instruments Division in Tulsa, OK. He is an avid supporter of volunteering for BGA, RGA, and CTG events. He loves Kenyan Peaberries, tacos, and kindness. “

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Lead Instructor or Examiner