Meet the Volunteers

Meet the Volunteers


Liz Dean

Director of Retail

“Liz Dean is the Director of Retail at Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, where she oversees staffing and operations for all seven (soon to be eight!) of their cafes. Liz is extremely committed to cultivating a work environment for her staff that is respectful, supportive, and inclusive of all. Her first coffee job was at a Seattle’s Best in Borders above Penn Station, and she became a barista at Irving Farm’s Gramercy location after befriending the staff as a regular customer while she worked as a dog walker in the neighborhood. Before that, she was a public high school ESL teacher in the Bronx. Besides coffee, her favorite things are food, cats, horses, and being sassy.”

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Station Instructor

Matthew Scott

Matthew the Great

“Matthew has been a USCC barista competitor since 2012 and placed second in his region in 2015. He is an SCA Credentialed Lead Instructor and Espresso Subject Matter Expert. He is currently serving on the Barista Guild’s Executive Council as the Events Committee Chair and as the Barista Guild’s liaison to SCA’s Sustainability Council. “

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Station Instructing with Newer Baristas

Miguel Vicuna

Judge, Jury, and Examiner

“Miguel has been in the coffee industry for 15 years. He is the Lead Educator for Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters and is currently on the EC for the BGA, USBC Head Judge, WBC Sensory Judge, BGA Level 1+2, Examiner and Specialized Instructor. “

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Lead Instructor

Mike Strumpf

Director of Coffee

“Mike Strumpf is a Licensed Q Grader, SCA Instructor, SCA Competitions Committee Member, Cup Tasters Pathway Committee Member, and Head Judge for the World Barista Championship. A right handed native of California, Mike immerses himself in Canadian pop music and squash when not chasing after his three dogs. “

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: How can I choose?

Todd Goldsworthy

Coffee Guru

“US Brewers Cup Champion 2014 & 2016 “

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Station Instructor, I’m able to give more 1:1 attention to attendees, give more specific feedback, and really help people grow in that position.

Tyler Duncan

Assistant to the Director of Coffee

“Tyler leads the Barista Pathways at Topeca Instruments Division in Tulsa, OK. He is an avid supporter of volunteering for BGA, RGA, and CTG events. He loves Kenyan Peaberries, tacos, and kindness. “

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Lead Instructor or Examiner

Anita Tam

Barista/ Training Specialist

“Anita Tam started her coffee journey in 2013, when she first received barista training in Portland, OR. She has since been wearing many different hats in the industry, from working as barista to consultation work, and she now serves as coffee manager for two shops in North Houston. She is a Specialized Instructor and Golden Cup Technician, and is a frequent volunteer for SCA coffee events.”

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Station instructor- because I get to get close to the action and have tons of interaction with people!

Beth Beall

President, Coffee Traders Inc.

“I came to the coffee world as an art major with computer and event planning experience. Since 1994, my experience has included producing coffee on our own farms in Costa Rica, establishing a SCA campus, expanding our company in Montana and Texas and still having time daily to cup incredible coffees.”

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: I love anything to do with cupping, tasting.

D. Major Cohen

Senior Project Manager

“Major began his journey with Starbucks in 1995 as a part-time barista, part of a team opening a new store in suburban Boston. At that time, Starbucks was just beginning its eastern U.S. expansion. Major was a school teacher, art department head, local entrepreneur (smoked salmon importer and distributor) and worked as commercial photographer in Boston for 19 years prior to joining Starbucks. Over the next eight years, he progressed from barista to shift supervisor to store manager to learning specialist to district manager. During that time, he was recognized as a Manager of the Quarter and also received the Northeast Zone Career Achievement Award. In his current role, Major contributes to Starbucks success by managing the development and implementation of large or highly complex new programs and processes. He manages coffee and tea expertise and knowledge programs for the organization that create enthusiasm, instill pride and lead education for Starbucks coffee and quality in order to improve partner performance and ensure customer satisfaction.”

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Sharing coffee, meeting new folks.

Jessica Rodriguez


“I have been with Klatch for almost 5 years and became involved with the BGA in 2013. In that time, I have enjoyed competing in multiple competitions, a trip to origin and volunteering for the BGA and WCE. When I’m not doing something coffee related, I’m getting creative baking in the kitchen. “

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Station Instructor

Jessica Brooks

Director of Spittoons

“Jess is a SCA Specialized Instructor, US Competitions Committee member and US Brewers Cup Head Judge. Jess currently works in Sourcing & Logistics for Allegro Coffee Company. When not cupping coffees, you can find her holed up in her Colorado mountain home with her husband, dogs and honeybees.”

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Instructing GE 103 and helping students learn the mechanics of cupping.

Kelly Hill

Full-time Educator/Counselor/Dishwasher

“Kelly Hill is an educator for Temple Coffee Roasters in Sacramento, CA. She has enjoyed watching the coffee community in Sacramento grow over the last 5 years. Her commitment to quality service and beverages is never-ending. Through her work she hopes that baristas and consumers alike will recognize that great coffee and service is not an accident.”

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Any position where I can support others in there search for coffee knowledge.

Matthew Barahura

Wholesale Educator

“Matt Barahura is the West Coast Wholesale Educator for Intelligentsia Coffee. He has been in the industry for over nine years with most of that coming in the burgeoning San Diego coffee scene.”

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Station Instructing CP 202

Missy Iwneferi

Coffee Snob

“What began for me as a simple job I could do to support myself while going to school quickly became a passion worthy of turning into a career. Having worked in the coffee industry for a decade and a half in varying roles, I have a wealth of experience to draw to support my role as an intructor. It is my goal to inspire in others the passion that has brought me to where I am today.”

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Station Instructor

Neil Oney

Director of Coffee

“Neil Oney has been working as a professional barista and educator since 2006. Now he runs the coffee programs for El Diablo Coffee, Cloud City Coffee, and Royal Drummer, as well as helping found NW Space Agency.”

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Espresso 101 Instructor

Ori Tuler

Account Manager & Trainer

“There is nothing I’m more passionate about than coffee. I have a lot to teach, but I have a lot more to learn.”

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Barista Level 1 Pathway Espresso and Milk Classes!

Sean Gallagher

Cafe Manager

“After working for Peet’s Coffee and Tea throughout high school and college I began working for Boxcar Coffee Roasters after graduating from the University of Colorado. Living in Boulder, Colorado I enjoy all things outdoors. When I am not making coffee you can find me mountain biking, running or skiing.”

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Latte Art Station Instructor

Zoey Thorson

Coffee Professional and Non-Professional Mermaid

“Zoey Thorson is a coffee professional and a non-professional mermaid. She has worked in coffee for 17+ years, and currently on her newest adventure in coffee and mermaidism in Kona, as the Operations Manager (whatever that means) for Daylight Mind Coffee Company.”

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Station Instructor

Traci Armstrong

Operations Manager/Chief Know It All at Texas Coffee Traders

“Traci Armstrong is the Operations Manager of Texas Coffee Traders, a wholesale and retail roaster located in Austin, Texas. Traci has been in coffee since 2001 and has worked in many areas of the industry including as a barista, in the equipment service industry, in business operations and management and quality control. She has recently obtained her Q Certification and spends her days dreaming of the perfect cup while overseeing business operations at the roastery.”

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: I’m not sure…. I’m happy where I’m needed.

Brent Hall

North American Sales Rep

“Working in coffee since I was 16, I have trained, worked bar, roasted, bought and traded green coffee, and worked in product innovation with CPG companies. I now live in Apex, NC with my wife, Monica, two kids, two dogs, two cats, and two poppy flowers. I love coffee, and I love serving coffee.”

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Lead Instructor