Meet the Volunteers

Meet the Volunteers


Anita Tam

Barista-Musician Hybrid

“Anita Tam started her coffee journey in 2013, when she stumbled upon a barista training course in Portland, Oregon. Trained as a classical musician, she has realised the similarity between the two crafts. She enjoys sharing both her passion in coffee and music with the people around her. “

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Espresso and Milk Steaming Fundamentals

David Fasman

Director of Education

“I love to share my passion for coffee with those who would like to learn..”

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Teaching

Gavin Tull-Esterbrook

Coffee Lab Technician

“Gavin Tull-Esterbrook has worked in the coffee industry for the last thirteen years doing everything from work barista shifts, espresso machine maintenance and training. For the last four years, Gavin has been working in the QC lab at Atlas Coffee Importers doing sample roasting, daily QC cuppings and helping administer and instruct the educational programs.”

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Station Instructor

Hannah Mercer

Sales, Coffee Magician, Master of Brewing Accessories

“Hannah Mercer fell into the specialty coffee industry in 2013 because she wanted to work around people that were happy.  She quickly became enamored with the complicated path of coffee from crop to cup and strives to always honor the farmers, and make good coffee”

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: CP101 Espresso and Milk Steaming Fundamentals OR CP151 Brewing and Extraction Principles

Jacob Ball

Operation Officer

“I’ve spent five years in the coffee industry in which I have worn many hats. From starting as a barista to working as a roaster. I have seen the journey from seed to cup personally and have tried to experiences as many of those steps as I personally can.”

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Staton Instructor

Kathie Hilberg

Director of Education

“I started my professional coffee career in Bend, Oregon at a small coffee roasting company. I spent three years with the company starting out knowing slim to none about being a barista, and left the company having held titles of Trainer, Production Manager, and Production Roaster, with a season of competing under my belt. I used my free time to learn as much about coffee as I could, and really strived to educate myself.”

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Instructing

Matthew Barahura

Wholesale Educator

“Matt Barahura is the West Coast Wholesale Educator for Intelligentsia Coffee. He has been in the industry for over nine years with most of that coming in the burgeoning San Diego coffee scene.”

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Station Instructing CP202

Matthew Scott

Matthew the Great

“Matthew has been a USCC barista competitor since 2012 and placed second in his region in 2015. He is an SCA Credentialed Lead Instructor and Espresso Subject Matter Expert. He is currently serving on the Barista Guild’s Executive Council as the Events Committee Chair and as the Barista Guild’s liaison to SCA’s Sustainability Council.”

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Station instructing newer baristas.

Samuel Schaefer

Coffee Padawan

“I am the lead barista and lead trainer for Mighty Good Coffee.  I help train and support our staff in our cafes. “

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Introduction to Espresso

Sarah Leslie

Barista & Trainer

“Sarah R. Leslie holds the SCA Specialized Instructor and Lead Examiner credential; and Barista Level 1, Level 2, and Gold Cup Technician certificates. When she’s not teaching SCA Pathways Classes, you can find her making coffee at Reverie Coffee. Sarah serves on the Barista Pathway Committee and BGA Executive Council.”

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: CP202 Espresso Bar Efficiency & Workflow

Sean Gallagher

Cafe Manager

“After working for Peet’s Coffee and Tea throughout high school and college I began working for Boxcar Coffee Roasters after graduating from the University of Colorado. Living in Boulder, Colorado I enjoy all things outdoors. When I am not making coffee you can find me mountain biking, running or skiing.”

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Latte art station instructor

Todd Mackey

Training Manager

“Todd Mackey is currently Training Manager for Olam Specialty Coffee where he helps roasters build their businesses by sourcing outstanding green coffees. Additionally, he coordinates and delivers regular Calibration Summits for Olam’s Global Coffee Quality Team in both producing and consuming markets. Todd is currently the Chair of the Barista Guild of America, a Q Arabica Instructor for Coffee Quality Institute, and Co-Founder & Partner of Bolt Coffee Company. Todd lives happily in Providence, RI with his wife Grace and their two #newhumans Ayla Mae and August.”

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Dishes

Tyler Duncan

Assistant to the Director of Coffee

“Tyler leads the Barista Pathways at Topeca Instruments Division in Tulsa, OK. He is an avid supporter of volunteering for BGA, RGA, and CTG events. He loves Kenyan Peaberries, tacos, and kindness.”

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Lead Instructor or Examiner

Tyler Liedman

Head of Sales and Training at True Stone Coffee

“Tyler has worked in the specialty coffee industry since 2008, prefers drip to espresso, ceramic to glass and Minneapolis to any other city on the planet. One day he hopes to either own a dog or fly into space, whichever comes easier..”

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: The kind where I can get people as engaged and excited as I am.

Zoey Thorson

Coffee Professional and Non-Professional Mermaid

“Zoey Thorson is a coffee professional and a non-professional mermaid.  She has worked in coffee for 17+ years, and currently is off to start her newest adventure in coffee and mermaidism in Kona, as the Operations Manager (whatever that means) for Daylight Mind Coffee Company.”

Favorite Volunteer Position at Camp: Instructor or maybe cafe manager at SCA