FAQ about Camp

What can I accomplish by attending Barista Camp?

  • Improve your barista skills by participating in hands on workshops and lectures presented by industry experts
  • Further your knowledge and understanding of the history, fundamentals, art and science of coffee preparation
  • Work toward a BGA Certificate through Level 1 & 2 course work and exams
  • Learn industry recognized standards and practices in order to train other baristas at your cafe
  • Be a voice in the specialty coffee industry by participating in barista round tables and discussing wide reaching industry issues and trends
  • Develop exceptional customer service skills and learn how to create loyal repeat customers
  • Work alongside some of the most skilled baristas in the business & develop industry relationships
  • Train with the best coffees, espressos and equipment in the industry
  • Challenge yourself through Camp activities and competitions
  • Build the barista community
  • Volunteer – Become a better trainer or leader at your own café by instructing at camp (Camp volunteer opportunities are limited and granted to IDP certified professionals only.)


What kind of equipment and coffee will I have access to?

Imagine working with some of the best equipment and coffees in the world. Barista Camp will provide baristas of any skill level a forum to explore new equipment, coffee, and ideas. The presence of multiple espresso machines, brewing methods, and coffee from a collection of well respected roasters is the ideal environment for any barista hungry to broaden their horizons in coffee.


What do the educational programs offer?

The educational content at Barista Camp is designed using industry standards to enhance the skill set and knowledge of any and all baristas.  A variety of classes and lecture topics are offered throughout the course of the program as well as courses for beginning, intermediate and advanced baristas.  Each camp offers slightly different offerings, so be sure to check the posted schedule. Whether you are just starting out or a career barista, Barista Camp will offer you the opportunity to expand your skills as a coffee professional and work toward a BGA Certificate.  You can begin your path toward a Level 1 certificate or continue working toward a Level 2 certificate.  If you’re just beginning your studies, we have an array of Level 1 courses available to help you progress. Professional certification is at the core of any successful career advancement-if you are serious about developing a career in the coffee industry, this event is the ideal way to connect with other experienced baristas and grow as a professional.

 How are classes assigned/chosen?

Classes at Barista Camp are chosen by the participant. Regardless of professional experience, Baristas are encouraged to register for courses based on their familiarity or experience with Barista Guild coursework.  If you are a beginner in BGA practical course work, Level 1 courses are appropriate. Lectures , demos, and round table discussions are available to all Barista Camp attendees.  Level 2 courses have prerequisites and can only be taken by those with a BGA Level 1 Certificate.