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Business for Baristas: Roundtable with Q&A
Baristas are the heart of a great Café, but being a great barista is much more than pulling a good shot or brewing a great cup.  A great barista can impact customers, other associates, and the bottom line in many ways. Preparation skills are key but understanding the following will elevate your game even more: industry knowledge, customer service expertise, inventory management, café operations, teamwork, trends, technology, and networking. We will take a closer look at these topics and how embracing a bit of business will take you from being a good barista to being the BEST barista!

Espresso: An Exploration of Global Practices
During this lecture and discussion, we will review the results of the recent BGA espresso survey, discuss the implications of the results, and explore the future of espresso best practices. The intent behind the survey was to examine how people are pulling espresso around the world. Some of the results were expected, while others were not. This is sure to be an interesting discussion; full of information that helps solidify our current understanding of espresso while providing new perspectives on current practices. An absolute “don’t miss” event for all seeking to understand more about espresso!

The Chemistry of Tea Presented by Spirit Tea
Hone your senses and learn to unlock the flavors you want from your tea leaves, while avoiding common mistakes. An in-depth look at the chemical composition of the tea leaf and how it translates to taste. This is an ideal class for those interested in presenting tea with the same care and attention as their coffee.

Winning Isn’t Everything
“A gold medal is a wonderful thing. But if you’re not enough without it, you’ll never be enough with it.” –Irv Blitzer. This presentation will discuss coffee competitions from the perspective of not competing strictly to win first place. There are great victories to be won in preparation, practice, and even in last place. Join presenter Mike Strumpf for an interactive discussion on success.

Beginner Latte Art Workshop/Intermediate & Advanced Workshop (Self Select)
This open, self-paced workshop will allow you time on machines to practice your skills and advance your latte art.  Stations will be set up by skill level and some industry super stars will be on hand to guide you and give you tips to improve your latte art skills.

Workflow Wars
This team challenge will put you and your team against the clock to prove how well you manage a bevy of challenges that will test your ability to manage a bar. Quickness, agility, details, knowledge, teamwork, etc. will come in to play as you battle it out to win Workflow Wars!

You asked for it, and you got it! Due to popular demand, we are bringing a good old fashioned throwdown back to Camp!  Bring your A-game, winner awarded a SWEET prize and bragging rights!


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