Barista Camp

Why Attend Barista Camp?

The best baristas have skills far beyond creating exceptional coffee.  An excellent barista has preparation skills, industry knowledge, customer service expertise, a refined palate, an understanding of café operations, the ability to be a team player, understanding of industry trends and technology, a network of other professionals and much more.

The professional development of a barista is multi-layered. Barista Camp takes a holistic approach to barista development and offers opportunities for baristas to advance in all areas required to become the best barista. At Camp, baristas will participate in SCA educational offerings, lectures focused on the workplace, tastings/workshops, challenges designed to foster teamwork, and fun.

This advanced learning will take place in a retreat setting which allows full immersion into the program and maximizes development. Surrounded by highly talented individuals, camp attendees will learn and grow from conversations with other like-minded baristas and return with a network in the barista community.

Gleaning information from other Barista Guild members and building industry relationships allows for unparalleled growth and ongoing development. Exposure to top industry trends and the latest innovations provides knowledge key for cafes to stay relevant and on point. Whether you are a brand-new barista or a veteran, Barista Camp offers something for everyone. Barista Camp will meet you where you are to hone your skills, advance your knowledge, and help you become the best barista possible.


Upcoming Camps

September 25-28, 2017 | Palm Springs, CA

Barista Camp is headed to Palm Springs, CA this September 25 – 28 with a fresh new format! The Barista Guild of America has been working on some exciting additions to Camp. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s in store for Palm Springs:

• All New SCA Education Curriculum
• Lectures & Workshops Focusing on Things Like Hot Industry Trends, Business for Baristas and More!
• Opening Night Social Mixer
• Desert Coffee Crawl
• Latte Art Throwdown

…and more!