Executive Council

  • Laila Willbur


  • Todd Mackey

    Vice Chair

  • Lorenzo Perkins

    Immediate Past Chair

  • Matthew Scott

    Events Committee Chair

  • Miguel Vicuna

    Membership Committee Chair

  • Sarah Leslie

    Education Committee Chair

  • Mark Hundley

    Events Committee Vice Chair

  • David Fasman

    Membership Committee Vice Chair

  • Gabe Smentek

    Education Committee Vice Chair

  • Alexandra LittleJohn

    Outreach Chair

About the Executive Council

Our volunteer Executive Council is responsible for guiding and directing the Barista Guild of America’s activities, programs and vision for the future. They are truly leaders, known throughout the community for their passion and knowledge of the coffee industry and barista craft.

The BGA currently has 10 Executive Council members who are elected yearly by the members of the BGA. It has a Chairperson, a Vice Chair, a Secretary, and Officers.  Their focus is leadership in the areas of:

– Developing and mentoring new BGA leadership
– Engagement with the global barista community
– Annual BGA Membership Meeting
– Oversee and engage with BGA Committees

About the Election Process

Nominations for Council positions will be open to and taken from the voting membership. The Chairperson shall appoint a Nominating Committee, chaired by the Immediate Past Chairperson, and consisting of two Council members not standing for re-election, and two non-Council members from the voting membership. The Nominating Committee shall be announced annually, prior to the end of June.