Atlanta unleashes their Disloyalty Card!

Posted on August 17, 2010 | 3 comments

Following the success of the London and Seattle Disloyalty Cards, Atlanta becomes the third city in the U.S. to encourage coffee lovers to branch out into the larger city and discover new and different shops. The Atlanta Disloyalty Card was organized by myself (Jason Dominy) with the goal of showing Atlantans the amazing amount of great coffee all over the city, not just in the pockets most Atlantans work and live. We had a tremendous amount of support for the card, and actually had more shops wanting to be involved then we had spaces for. I feel like the shops that are on the card give a great picture of specialty coffee as we know it today, and are bound to represent coffee and Atlanta coffee in the best light possible.

The shops are all over Atlanta and include: both Octane Coffees, Dancing Goats Coffee Bar, both Aurora Coffees, drip Coffee, Land Of A Thousand Hills Coffee, Parkgrounds, REV Coffee, and Element Coffee. The roasters represented include: Batdorf & Bronson, Counter Culture Coffee, Intelligentsia Coffee, Stumptown, Land Of A Thousand Hills, and 1000 Faces Coffee. People are already showing great excitement for the card, and BGA members are doing a great job of promoting not only the card, but great handcrafted coffee and espresso.


arin gilbert says:

3 cheers for springfield, mo!

jason dominy says:

Tom, wasn’t aware of that one! That’s awesome, and the post has been corrected to reflect it! Coffee, coffee, coffee!

Um, Springfield, MO has had our Disloyalty Card out for most of the summer. 8 shops. 1 card. Organized by How ’bout some love for the little cities?