Who are we?



Who are we? We are YOU!

We are baristas, roasters, café owners and coffee professionals of all walks of life who are committed to making the enjoyment and appreciation of coffee accessible to everyone.

We are wowed and awed by the discovery of new coffee knowledge, the science of coffee, the innovations of brewing technology, the journey of coffee from seed to cup, and by the dedication and passion displayed by the baristas we meet across the globe. We are united in these shared values and interests, propelled by the desire to learn more, and to work collaboratively as a community of professionals working towards a common goal.

Our Mission: To provide baristas a community dedicated to innovating, sharing, and demonstrating best practices in coffee preparation.

Vision: Be the world’s most important network for the professional barista.

Our Objectives:

  • Promote coffee quality as the principle standard for success.
  • Further Baristas knowledge and understanding of the history, fundamentals, art and science of coffee preparation.
  • Building community by encouraging communication, understanding, and respect between Baristas.
  • Focus the voice of Baristas in representing the specialty coffee industry.
  • Recognize Baristas that have achieved a high degree of skill in coffee preparation.

How do we define “barista”? A barista is a coffee professional who has the experience and training to deliver coffee and espresso-based beverages to customers that demonstrate craftsmanship and quality, creating a culinary experience for the customer.

Founded in 2003, the Barista Guild of America (BGA) is an official trade guild of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) that consists of professional baristas.

What do we do?

The Barista Guild of America, founded in 2003, offers its members a variety of exceptional educational opportunities, including a Barista Certificate Program. Classes toward BGA Certificate Levels 1 and 2 are available throughout the year. SCA’s Regional Barista Competitions and the annual United States Barista Championship (USBC) provide excellent year-round networking opportunities for members and a venue for refining the industry’s cutting-edge trends in coffee preparation. The BGA is led by an annually elected Executive Council of 9 members, providing vision in standardizing educational tracks for those seeking a career in specialty coffee, and increasing awareness of the skill involved in crafting the perfect coffee beverage. The Barista Guild focuses on enhancing coffee quality, promoting craftsmanship and cultivating a sophisticated “public face” for the industry.

Why do we do it?

With your support and involvement, the Barista Guild of America will continue to push the envelope of what’s possible with coffee preparation and service, develop and support Barista focused events in the industry, provide a network for passionate coffee professionals, and be a vital advocate for the future of the Barista as a highly skilled, trained professional career.